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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pictures can be done an hour?
Between 15-20, depending on the complexity of the cartoon, or how long for the guest to decide the details.

How long does each one take?
5 minutes, give or take.

What about kids?
Children love cartoons, suggesting fun subjects -- and often come back for more than one.

Even babies?
Yes. Remember small children like to move around, so they'll need supervision from a parent or older family member.

Can couples get a single picture?
I can creat a two-person cartoon with a single backgrounds.

What does the client need to provide?
A reasonably well-lit area, 3 chairs, and space to fit my easel.

Are frames included?
I do not provide frames. 8.5 x 11 frames are easily found at any craft or art store.

Are they only in black and white?
Cartoons are drawn with black marker. If there is a guest of honor at your event, I can arrange to make one color cartoon in pastels.

I'm far away. Will you still do my event?
If the event is more than an hour away, there may be an extra hour charge for time, gas, and tolls. Arrangements will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Can I get just ONE caricature?
I will do single b&w portraits by mail for $20 each, or color for $30. You will need to send a photograph with a smiling face, and your request for a background. Remember the photo you send me (expressions, hairstyles, face position) is what I draw! I recommend emailing me a digital photo.

How do I pay?
I accept payment by check or cash.

Who are you?
Designer and production specialist by day, and have made cartoons and illustrations all my life. I began caricature at Six Flags Great Adventure in 1988, and have been doing private & public events ever since. My cartoons have appeared in short films, music videos for the band A Halo Called Fred, and the independent film Everything Fred Tells Me Is True.